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About Us

Every one comes to the service para medical staff who assist them along with the doctors. Apart from the doctor, all the people who help in their work, they are called para medical staff and hence they are also called assistant doctors.

Paramedical courses are medical training courses that are job oriented. Paramedical courses are quite training specific and train the students for real-life medical situations. The significance of paramedical courses has been realized by the increasing need for skilled paramedics in the medical field. This is important to mention that without paramedics the medical field would be crippled.

Another benefit of the Paramedical course is that there are options for post graduate, graduate, diploma, certificate courses that are of varying durations from 3 years to 6 months. One could choose to do a paramedic course at any stage of his/her career even after completion of 10th standard exams.

Some courses also give the benefit of no mandatory science stream in 12th.

Paramedical courses are offered in various colleges all around the country with average admission requirements.

Paramedical courses give the medical field professionals trained in pre-medical emergency treatment, medical assistance, diagnostic technology training, etc.

Paramedics offer a wide range of courses to choose from in different sectors of the medical field.

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